We, Madero International want to introduce our company as a specialist on "import of sawn timbers, veneers and logs" for the timber industry in Indonesia.

Our staff has a wide knowledge about timbers and about the manufacturing. In addition to that, our raw materials suppliers providing expert help for choosing raw materials, machinery and finishing segments. We also try to provide as much as possible information about our customer's end markets with regard to market-trends and products development.

In respect to the above statement, we claim ourselves more as a partner to our customers rather than timber agents. We are also trying to extend our following products scope, such as:

Sawn Timber
European Hardwoods: unedged, edged (Beech, Oak, Ash).
American hardwoods : in a variety of sawn timbers (Red and White Oak, Hard and Soft Maple, White Ash, Walnut, Yellow Poplar)

European Veneer such as Beech, Oak, Sycamore, Cherry, Ash, Walnut, Poplar Burls, Knotty Pine, Olive Ash Burl, etc.
American Veneers such as Red and White Oak, Cherry, Maple, Ash, Hickory, Red, Alder, Pecan.

European hardwoods such as Oak, and Beech, etc.

Hereby, us as a company, will be delightful in case You or Your company interested to one of our products, and needs help, we will give complete information and offers with of course a competitive price.

For more information :
A. Kuswidiarso (Phone/WhatsApp +6282137310646)
Susi (Phone/WhatsApp +6281575448033)

Thank you.
Madero International.