PT Kalpataru Usaha Sejahtera
Madero is one of companies involved in woodworking industry with almost 30 years of experience.
Since 1994, the Owner (Mr. Kuswidiarso) have been making lots of work in wood industry. Around '98, His biggest export was making wooden resorts on Maldives. This project still continues till present day for maintenance. Beforehand, on 1996, the Owner was manufacturing solid doors and door frame for export to Australia, and as the same year as the Maldives project, he was manufacturing and exporting wooden coffin to Australia either.
Followed by this good track, Mr. "Kus" did interior designing for Japanese-style indoors. this one intact from early 2000s until early 2010s. Then, from 2010s till now, Madero trade & sells wood veneer, either local (such as Mahogany, Teak, Rosewood, Sungkai, Mindi, etc.) or imported (such as White Oak, Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Ash Swirl or Burl, White Ash, etc.) for domestic purposes. Then, also creating & exporting furniture and home decoration to various countries such as Japan, Netherlands, Australia, and Qatar.